Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bella Sisters

Being a Portlander and an eternal stylist, you probably are thinking about eco-friendly fashion.  No doubt, you have seen it on TV, read in magazines, hear it on the radio.  Portland is notably being recognized as one of the most eco-friendly places on Earth, along with being fashionably forward.

Rummaging through Dazzle on NW 23rd (Nob Hill), early fall of 2010 I discovered: Bella Sisters.

They are local entrepreneurs who create eco-friendly one of a kind pieces from 97% recycled materials.  Their jackets are all hand crafted with appliques and hooded/sleeved additions made from cashmere, wool, or angora.

Visit for boutiques carrying their one-of-a-kind.

Jacket: Bella Sisters original, Born hunter boots, Silence & Noise blouse, Spark & Fade military shorts, LV purse, & Prada sunglasses

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