Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Folded House

Source of pictures: yankodesign.com & Modern Architecture & Designs News

When I get my lottery winning check, I will be calling Mr. Andrew Reeves.  Mr. Reeves designed this home for his environmentally conscious urbanite living in Canada's capital, Ottawa.  Did you know Ottawa is the Canadians version of Washington D.C.? I bet you didn't.  Back to the house, the design is an open, continuous space with clean forms.  The home is housed on an irregular plot of land so to fit within it, Mr. Reeves made the building a compact composition of volumes.  His design reflects the modernism of Alvar Aalto.

Sometimes referred to as the "father of modernism," Alvar has ties to Oregon!  He designed Mt. Angel Abbey Library in the 1970's, one of only two buildings in the U.S. 

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