Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Return of the DB Jacket

The Double Breasted (DB) jacket.  If someone told you the DB is back, the first thing that comes to your mind is some over weight scruffy politician, nightclub bouncer, or a pinstripe wearing Wall Street broker from the 1980's right?  Stop right there, those may have been but not anymore.

The DB style is slowly re-emerging onto the mainstream of men's apparel in 2011.  Seen championing the DB lately is David Beckham (of course), Prince Charles, Jake Gyllenhal, and Ryan Gosling.

So how can YOU rock the DB?
  • The blazer should skim your body not hug.
  • For the modern cut, shoulders should be tailored softly and not too sharp.
  • To avoid the "dad' look, shop at places like TOPMAN USA or ASOS for an updated and young DB blazers.
  • The DB works very well as jackets, if you choose to opt-out of the full suiting.  Pair it with a T-shirt, some chinos and a woven belt.
  • For the full suiting, make sure the cut is slim and tailored so not to look bulky.  The blazer should not be too long either.
Here's some pictures to get your imagination rolling:

London Fashion Week - February 21, 2011
Photo Credit: Wenn.com
Source CoolSpotters

Source yolunsonundakiev.blogspot.com
Source The Guardian

Source GQ
Michael Bastian
Source GQ
Source: GQ

Source GQ
Dolce & Gabbana

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