Monday, April 18, 2011

H&M Fashion Against AIDS

Keri Hilson in hooded jumpsuit $49.95
This month, H&M will be lauching its Fashion Against AIDS unisex line.  25% of the sales from this collection will go towards HIV/AIDS prevention programs.  H&M has successfully partnered with Designers Against AIDS (DAA) since 2008 in combining fashion and the message of HIV/AIDS prevention to young people all over the world.  Using celebrities from music, fashion, sports, and arts DAA wants to help raise more awareness of HIV/AIDS in the media, a forgotten disease (especially in the Western world).

This April 26th, head off to an H&M near you and check out some of these cool street wear.  I'm liking some of the hooded jumpsuits, what about you?

Leather vest $99, Hoodie $34.95

T-shirt: $19.95, $17.95, $12.95 (from left to right)

T-shirt $9.95

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  1. Keri Hilson is an amazing singer, so glad she did this. AIDS is a serious problem and it's just wonderful she's using her celebrity for good to help resolve the AIDS epidemic.


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