Tuesday, May 3, 2011


From the picture, this looks like a modern graveyard for bicycles.  Yet, a closer look will reveal that these bikes are in rather good shape, small, but good shape.  What is this pile of bikes and how did it get here?  

It all began in the Fall of 2002, the start of Zoobomb.  This almost 10 years tradition consists of local cyclists, young and old, making their way to the top of the West Hills, Portland, Oregon (at night).  The Zoobombers meet here, the Bike Pile, their starting point.  From here, they take the Max Lightrail west up to Washington Park/Oregon Zoo.  Once on top, they bike down the vicinity hill.  Of course, it's more fun when you do it several time within the night.

So what's the purpose of this pile? New to Zoobomb and no bike to ride down? Then you are loaned one of these.  What a concept.  Check out the clip from Globe Trekker to get a feel of Zoobomb!

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