Monday, May 23, 2011

The Know: Lululemon Athletica

Discovering something great is even greater when you share it, don't you think?  The last two exhilarating weeks have been heavily focused on yoga.  For four days a week I have been visiting CorePower yoga studio in NW Portland learning the various flows and salutations of Vinyasa in a room heated up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.       HOT!!

Well, a room this hot is sure to make one sweaty!  So, I had to find a few pieces of athletic wear that not only is comfortable and provide ease of movement but is cute, duh!

These pants are great and they were on sale, even greater.  They are uber comfortable and wicks all the sweat outward.  Love these zippers in the back, great for holding keys and IDs.  You never know, after hot yoga I sure need a drink.  I hope no one at CorePower reads this.

Visit Lululemon Athletica.  They have stores in North America right now but they have a website!  Their clothes are geared towards yogis but you can use them in almost all types of physical training.  For women, there are various support specific to how much you will be... um... moving.  These are by far the most comfortable and flattering sports wear I have ever worn.  

The BEST PART?!?!? Free alterations at every Lululemon store.

The above tank top is great.  Its flowy with the right amount of support and lift.  Good to use in circuit training and low impact cardio.  It is NOT good for yoga, as I have found out... the flowiness tends to flow over your head as you downward dog.

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