Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet Me in Denim and Denim

Pulling off a denim-denim look is so easy.  It is by far my favorite look that anyone can pull, at any season.  All you need are a couple of key denim pieces.  You already have the jeans so go look around for a couple of nice denim shirts.  Levi's is a good start (especially now) and so is The GAP

This look will provide you with endless possibilities and expand your tiny closet a long way.  Adding key accessories will help create a new look for you too, despite wearing the same denim pieces.

Below is what I was wearing today:

GAP denim shirt
Paige Premium denim skinny jeans
Louis Vuitton scarf
Hermes belt
ASOS satchel (my favorite accessory out there)
YSL Curvy Platform
Casio G-Shock watch in metallic purple.


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