Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Location: Reveille Ltd. Co., A Cool Vintage finds


Reveille Ltd. Co. NW 23rd Portland.  Walked into this new store on a whim Saturday. browsing through all of what they had found some really cool vintage finds.  If my wallet wasn't too small I would have swiped up all of those great scarfs!

They have pretty crazy collections of old leather jackets in the style of James Dean... mmm dreamy!  Plenty selections of vintage Chanel shoes and YSL.  I felt like Goldie Locks, it was either too big or too small.  Looking for a real 1960's shift dress? They have a couple of designs that are wonderfully retro. 


The old Ralph Lauren scarf would be nice now don't you think? There is this Sailor theme thing going too.

I wanted these Chanel kitty heels so badly! But, in the end it was too small.  
In pretty good condition too.

There once were three purses.
Who lived in old shelves.
One day a girl came and took one for herself.

The two top purses are vintage Givenchy (left) and a vintage Bally (right).  
There was a white Gucci sitting on this shelf earlier but someone bought it.

Got these genuine1950's Cat Eye shades from Reveille.  The cool part? The optometrist who owned it and changed the lens on them so my eyes are protected from the UV rays.

Oh, I had to have this Gucci.  It was in such great condition so I couldn't resist!

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