Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Location: Noble Rot

The Noble Rot = Botrytis Cinerea

It is the name of the grape fungus that help turns these fruity-licious fruit into 
sweet intoxication wines.

Noble Rot is a local wine bar that has been around since 2002.  It has transformed and have moved to this cool, environmentally and award winning LEED-Platinum certified building.  

This certification means that their building is the greenest!

When these pictures were taken, the restaurant was Rocket (French for arugula).  They grow all of their greens and herbs on top of the roof with enough bounty to last them most of the summer months.  Now, it houses The Noble Rot restaurant.  To get on top, you need to climb a ladder from their kitchen.  Ladies, be sure to wear pants.  It is a pretty tight climb.

What is so cool about this building? Besides the full city view, the building has its own aquifer that provides pure and tasty water for the garden

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