Friday, May 13, 2011

The Know: uniform experiment

what is...

uniform experiment?

Their first line was launched in 2008 with a concept based on mutual respect and appreciation of well designed, quality in art and culture.  

uniform experiment is created by Hiroshi Fujiwara (fragment design) and Hirofumi Kiyonaga (SOPHNET) who both believed that everyday men's suiting doesn't always have to be so structural, uniformed.  So they reconstructed the typical business uniform and made them into something, well, better.  The experiment turned their idea into a unique and fun streetwear for mean, of all ages.  

This is from their SS/2011 line... do you know notice anything? Mixing up the traditional blazer with a more relaxed cut and fit, adding street inspired patterns and pairing it with jeans and Doc Martens.  Genius.

Above we have a modern school boy... perhaps a rebellious one?

Loving the bow tie! Who said the bow tie is old? This is one way you should be wearing it.  Have you read the post about ways to wear the bow tie? If not, perhaps you can check it out like... NOW!

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