Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Pull Off a Bow Tie

Who knew "The Thirty Years War" that manifested most of Europe between 1618 - 1648 would produce a now popular fashion accessory: The Bow Tie.

The necktie's early ancestor has been traced back to the early 1600s, worn by Croatia's military as a picturesque scarf tied around their neck.  During the war, Croatian soldiers and mercenaries were drawn into the war all over Europe.  Some of their soldiers were stationed in Paris, at the time of Louis XIV.  When the French men saw this "tie" around Croatian soldiers, they adopted it into their wardrobe.  At this time, Paris was the center of fashionable influence.  They gave this new accessory the name of "cravat" which is a French word for "Croat."  The rest is now fashion history.

It's 2011 and guys you've seen the bow-tie every where.  But how should you pull this ancient piece of history off? So, easy.  Take a look from Mr. Swizz Beatz himself.  The pictures seen here are some of the sickest way you should wear the bow-tie.  Of course, your outfit wouldn't be complete without a pair of Argyle socks!

There are just no bounds for the "cravat" so be sure to head out and find you one, or two.  It also doesn't hurt if you learn how to tie one on (See tutorial video at the bottom).  There's nothing wrong wearing the clip-ons or the pre-tied bows but there's nothing more sexy to woman than seeing her man tie his own bow-tie. 

Clip-on, Naked and Famous Denim $25

Pre-tied, Rag & Bone $80

Pointed: Traditional but with an attitude!
David & Hart Co., $115

Don't want to break the bank? I've got some suggestions where you can find some great bows...

Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren, $70

Urban Outfitters, $15

Brooks BRothers Guard Striped Bow Tie, $29.50
Right now buy one and get 30% off of second of equal or lesser value

Vineyards Vines at, $45

Here's a how-to video from Ralph Lauren, so take notes!

Click here to see the full Swizz Beatz on  Slideshow: How to Pull Off a Bow Tie Wear It Now:

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  1. Really, bow ties look SO HOT when done right! Really nice pictures :) And I find your blog really inspiring! :)


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