Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Know: Sequins, feathers and lots of shimmers!

From the Urban Outfitters 2011 November Catalog, welcome holiday season!  

Here are some fun looks for your holiday season get together and just because....

The above outfit is a different look but well put together .  Love the feathers of the dress and the shimmer leggings.  And the shooooes!! OMG.  Very fun.

Sequins everyone, sequins.  It's big this season.  The nice thing is, with a little imagination, sequins can be worn even during the day.  Just be sure that you don't make it too flashy.  Try pairing your sequin cardigan with plain ole jeans and basic T.  Or you can try wearting it like the girl on the left above.  Very chic and simple.

Going on a casual date? This look is an understatement but very cool.  The shimmer dress is not too flashy either so a great introductory piece to sequins.  

And don't forget the lace dress, animal prints and the pleated (accordion) skirts!

Source: Urban Outfitters

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