Friday, July 1, 2011

The Looks: 60's Mod & Fancy Cars

It was a night of be remembered. As part of the Young Society of the Portland Art Museum, I was invited to attend a private tour 16 automobile wonders.  Some of these cars are very rare!  My favorite? The Bugatti and the Mercedes SLR300.  If someone proposed to me with a Bugatti I would say yes right away... yes, I would.  

The evening was fun filled starting out at the Oregon Historical Society for wine and light fare.  We saw Formula One cars that had a direct link to Oregon.  Did you know that the F1 engine used to be in the back until an Oregonian decided to move them to the front? By doing so, it increase the speed of the vehicle on the tracks!  And guess this... the man who did this is still alive and kicking in Oregon!

Check out my full post of the Allure of the Automobile exhibit running now at the Portland Art Museum, one of two museum in the United States to be show casing these rare cars.

The Looks:

ASOS pleated blue dress
Cole Hans clutch
Yves Saint Laurent shoes
H&M earrings and ring

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