Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anthropologie April 2011 Spring Catalog

Anthropologie April Spring 2011 catalog is out! With it comes wonderful, classical wear that has been put into modern flare... hey! that rhymed.

The March, early Spring 2011 catalog was nice but the April is way better.  Here are some looks that I found will look ever eternal, in style:

Mompos dress, Winding Turns shades, & Windabout heels

Lace Tracing tees, High Gloss belt, San Pedro pencil skirt

Arte Moderno necklace, Safe Travels pullover, Slim Shine belt, Bowtied batik short, & Colorful Composition wedges

Grand Coast cover up, In the Current bikini top, Marine Depths wedges

Lemon Stick wedges, Marine wedges, Color Composition, and Tied & Thatched wedges

Camera Pose bikini top and bottom

Water Splatter maillot

High Sun bikini top and bottom

Natalie one piece

Evelyn maillot

Golden Days bikini top and bottom, Pop-of-Dots bikini top and bottoms

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