Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wolfords, House of Holland, Oh My!

Within the last three years, leg wear has become quite popular once again.  From hosiery, pantyhose, to tights nowadays these have been updated with amazing patterns, colors, and textures.  They are made for various use and for under all kinds of garments.  There are so many selections now that it is so hard to choose!

Yes, they can be quite spendy but investing in a good leg wear can last you more than just this season.  Some of the best brands out there are Wolfords, Oroblu, and House of Holland.  They run anywhere from $35 to $55 on average.  However, having been addicted to leg wear from these brands for the last three years, I still own a lot of them today (with good care, of course).


House of Holland...

Another pretty good European brand is: Oroblu

Oroblu can be fun.  They have great patterns and fit very comfortably.  You can purchase these at an affordable price, between $18 - $35.  Nordstrom has a pretty good selection of Oroblu (and Wolfords) but each store carries different inventories.

You also have the choice of Falke:

Here are a couple of good places where you can purchase some of these brands online:
TIP: How to keep your leg wear, long wearing?

So I've actually had to throw away brand new leg wear because I snagged them on my nails, as I pulled them on.  What can you do to prevent these?  Hosiery Gloves of course!

They are silky and will help prevent snags, rips, and runs on your new investment.  The ones above are by Wolfords and you can buy them at  Nordstrom also carries their own brand and a little bit cheaper than Wolfords.  However, it is not available online so visit the store there is one in your neck of the woods.


  1. Robert Sean MillerApril 10, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    Wow, those legwear are so you. Did you pick up a bunch in Paris?

  2. Hi Robert: Yes, they are totally me =: ) Thanks for stopping by!


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