Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Conductress' Jacket

Yesterday, there was a post entitled: Lodekka.  Lodekka is a local vintage wear dress shop (ok, with some men's wear too) in NE Portland, Oregon.  A great find was this wonderful vintage red wool blazer made by Pendleton and the leather pouch. 

Today, an idea came to mind on how to wear the blazer and hence the look above.  The jacket is just so fitting to be a conductress on the cool Lodekka double decker bus. 

Be sure to visit her shop!  I guarantee you will see something there.  Whether it be an old photograph, a handbag, belt, or dress.  There are all sorts of treasures that you will find at Lodekka. 

About the outfit:
Vintage Pendleton red blazer
Urban Outfitters T-shirt
HM gray leggings
Vintage leather pouch
Ivanka Trump kitty heels


  1. I love the jacket! it rocks with the leopard pumps :) bisous

  2. Thank you ChanelAftercoco... it was a great find. =: )


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