Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ray Ban, the Wayfarer, Catwear, and Jackie-O!

The Wayfarer has been around since 1952.  It was an eye wear revolutionary, created by Raymond Stegeman.  He was an optical designer who had procured many patents for Busch & Lomb, Ray Band parent company.  The glasses' design and shape was radically different and started the break from the typical metal frame.  This timeless shape was quite popular in the 1950's and 1960's but faded in popularity in the 1970's.

Ironically, the Wayfarers were almost discontinued after the slump.  However, due to a great advertising strategy of product placement, it became ever popular starting in 1982.  What happened? Ray Ban signed a $50,000 one-year deal with Unique Product Placement of Burbank, California, to put its Wayfarers into television shows and movies.  Since then, and especially since the mid-2000's, Wayfarers has regained its popularity and is enjoying the revival.

Here are some great styles that you should look into (and get one)!  Someone needs to email Wiz Khalifa about the last one.

Classic Black

Classic Red

Way White

Black & Yellow!
Besides these great classics, Ray Ban have stepped their eye wear game to include some classic styles with a modern twist.

You probably have seen pictures of me with one of these, do you know which one?

Catty Clubmaster White

Catty Clubmaster Marble White

Comic on Black Wayfarer
Gradient Red

Jackie Ohh II Honey


  1. Thank you for those very insightful tidbits on Ray Ban history. I think I'll wear my classic black wayfarers with more pride then ever.

  2. hi Prêt-à-Porter: Not Made to Measure
    very nice design of ray ban sunglasses. thanks for share with us.


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