Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fist Full of Love... BOMBS! & Love Knuckles

What you are about to see is my very own obsession.  These LoveKnuckles and LoveBoMbs are ingenious!  The designer you ask? Ann Winifred , raised in Aspen, Colorado and Portland, Oregon, Wini permanently became ours.  And why not? Look at how talented she is.  I guarantee, if you wear these rings people will be asking you about them.
LoveKnuckle, made from Recycled Metal $50.

LoveKnuckles LoveBoMbs, made from Recycled metal $65

LoveKnuckle, made from Recycled Metal $50.

Source of pictures (above) and where to purchase: Not Quite Neon

Her pieces above are made from Recycled metal and are pretty affordable.  But Winifred does not disappoint, she creates pieces that are in gold and silver too.  Some even have precious stones and diamonds.  To learn more about her work and to place orders, visit her website by clicking on this link Anna Winifred

Take a look at her other works here...

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