Thursday, April 14, 2011

H&M White Hot Conscious Collection

Being in style means being up to date on today's trend in fashion... and lifestyle.  You can look great, feel great in your clothes all the while being kind to our over-worked mother nature.

To kick off Earth Day with a bang and to continue its social responsibility as a company, H&M brings to us some awesome additions for your summer whites collection.  This is part of their Conscious Collection of "Hot Whites."  There are pieces that uses organic cotton and recycled material.  I actually purchased a recycled item from their early Spring collection and love it.  It's not any different from any other clothes so why not take the part and help Earth anyway we can. 

Here are some picks that you may want to hurry to the store and grab before it is gone.

Recycled Polyester Dress, $19.95

Organic cotton skirt $19.95

Organic cotton top $14.95

Organic cotton shorts $14.95
Organic cotton blend pants $39.95

Organic cotton blend blazer $29.95

Shirt $9.95
Organic cotton shirt $9.95, 9-14 years
Source of pictures: H&M Conscious Collection

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  1. I really like the recycled polyester dress! Also, organic cotton is so soft :) I'm glad that H&M created this collection - and it's affordable to boot.


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