Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Unbreakable Watch

As a schoolboy, Ibe dreamnt that the fragile watch his father had given him shattered into pieces as it fell to the floor.  So when he grew up, he worked day and night to create a watch that would not break.  Prototypes after prototypes made from different shock absorbing materials were dropped from his third floor apartment: fail.  His breakthrough came when he saw a girl playing with a rubber ball and at that moment the foundation for his design of the unbreakable watch started.  25 years later, the G-Shock now provides Casio with over 50 million in sales worldwide.

The watch not only makes a statement for its advanced technology but the design is fashionably appealing too.  Street dancers, skateboarders, mountain hikers and musicians wear them as a fashion statement.

I had the Baby-G's in high school but have graduated into the G-shock DW-6900 series.  I love the metallic collection, espeically the purple one.  The silver is my newest member.  The limited edition Rastafarian I just can't part from either.  This rugged looking, fashion forward design is so timeless it deserves to be an eternal style piece.  And who knows, one day you may see an iced out G-shock on here, looking kinda like Pharrell's piece:

Source of image: Polyvore
Where can you get the G-shock? Check out Zappos.  They have a pretty good collection and at great prices.  I have found them to be cheaper than stores like Metropark and Zumiez.

Read the full article about the G-shock's story on The New York Times.  

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