Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The Wine to Die For"

When the shipment of Poizin arrived the other day, my friend couldn't help to contain himself.  It was the box he's been waiting for for weeks.  Ironically, a few days earlier he was telling me how excited for this shipment from Armida Winery.  Why you ask? My friend is a wine collector, a professional you may say.  If he tells me this is the best Zinfandel, then it is.  I have not tasted it but just looking at the artistic presentation of this bottle makes me want to order a few bottles.

"The wine to die for" is called Poizin, created by Armida Winery located near Dry Creek, Russian River.  This zinfandel is an everyday zinfandel that you can pair with anything from pizzas to bar-b-que's or just because.  The Reserve (pictured above) is their finest and is hand crafted from Armida's famous vineyard Zinfandel which produces this limited production: 200 cases each year.  The bottle is etched with the skull, hand painted, and rests in its famous coffin.  Knowing this, can you see why my friend was so excited to receive his box of the Reserve?

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