Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Random: USB Smith Corona Classic 12 Typewriter

Did I take notes in class today with the 
WWII Royal Deluxe?

Why yes, yes I did.  And it was hooked up to my iPad.  Ok, well may be not.  But boy would I love to see the reactions on people faces when I pull this giant contraption from my North Face sweeper.  And no, I don't have this.  Not because it's impractical but it wouldn't fit inside my backpack.

Who is behind this? Jack Zylkin.  Jack is a recluse purveyor of antiquities that owns 57 cats with a genius for a brain.  You can learn about Jack and his creations by visiting his website usbtypewriter.com (or on Etsy).  

Go on now and check him out!

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