Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Building: Fisher's Turning Towers, in Dubai

This is not an idea... well it was an idea.  But it is an idea that has been realized and is almost complete.  Where? No where else but in Dubai, UAE.  

The real estate market slump and the near collapse of the financial markets (even in Dubai) halted the funding for this building.  But it has since begun and now the building is almost complete.  Truly, one of the greatest marvel in modern architecture, this building was designed and engineered by Dr. David Fisher.  He studied architecture in Florence, Italy and have a great interest in how a three dimensional design meets the four dimensional word and time.  

Each floor rotates, on voice command in small incremental speed and degree.  The condo starts at $7 million and it comes with its own movable garage.  Yes, as you drive in your Ferrari you head directly into a large elevator compartment that takes you all the way up to your floor.  Cool!  Doesn't it look like a building you would see in a Sci-Fi flick like Tron?

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