Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Looks: Black on black with my blue

Ok so I am a little bit obsessed with the satchel right now, no lie.  Well, look at it! It is so cute and versatile.  I carry everything inside it so might as well make it part of the look, right?

Strolling around Lithia Park in downtown Ashland, Oregon, had to wear flats because the only other shoe I have is a 6" platform Lita.  I realized immediately upon arriving in Ashland that I had forgotten my bag of shoes at the bottom of the stairs.  Therefore, this pair of Naturalizer flats is it.

Afternoon tea at Lithia Springs Resort.

Strolling around Lithia Park and its lakes... (below)

Where are the ducks?


Wanna a drink? No, thank you.  As much as I like to bathe in the spring water you will not see me drinking it.  I'm sorry but the water smells like rotten eggs.  It is suppose to though.  It's from the sulfur which comes from the earth as it heats up the hot springs.  This fountain, of course, is not hot but chilled smelly water.

The Look:
Bella Sisters blazer
American Apparel black 3-D Rose jumper
Urban Outfitters BDG high rise black leggings
American Apparel scarf
Cambridge Satchel Co. patent blue satchel for ASOS
Naturalizer flats

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