Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY: Studded distressed shorts [Update]

Remember a week ago I decided to become a sort of a seamstress?  Yes, I took on a DIY project to create distressed, studded denim shorts.    

The studding and distressing part went very well.  However, when it came to bleaching... well, something went totally wrong!  The shorts I made [Click here to see post] was great until I bleached it.  Don't know what went wrong but perhaps I bleached it too long.  Anyhow, after I put it through the wash, the shorts came out looking like a g-string.  I kid you not.  Tempted to make it the first Levis 501 denim thong and sell it on e-bay.

So, I went fourth and created a new distressed shorts [above].  This time, instead of soaking it in bleach, I drizzled it with bleach and then brushed it off with a tooth brush [paint brush works well too].  This time, it came out much nicer.

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