Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Trend: Anthropologie Issue Seven Summer 2011 Catalog

Got my Issue 7 catalog for Anthropologie a few weeks ago and nearly fell off my couch.  There are so many wonderful pieces!  Here are just a few samples of what was found inside... 

Glossed Loafers, $168
Lemon Liftoff blouse $118
AG Stevie Ankle $158

Arced Crosshatch Blouse, 4148
Piped Sailor Skirt, $118
Twined Stones Necklace, $38

Bordered Bars Scarf, $98
Fanning Scallops Pullover, $128
Cut Quarry Ring, $128
AG Stevie Ankle

Swoop & Glide Pullover, $118
Instant Classic Tee, $68
AG Stevie Ankle

Gilded Druzy Necklace $258
Sheer Petals Jacket, $138
Soft Bands Tee, $48
Elevenses High-Waist Trousers $118
Patent Edged Satchel $228
Stacked Strap Heels $168

Bookbinder Heels $168

"Hello loveeeerr...!!!!"

Color Frame Wallet $98
Plant The Seed Readers $82

Color Slice Necklace $138
Quilted Pastiche Maxi $228

Art Installation Necklace $278
Clover Grains Tee $68
Elevenses High Waist Trousers

Towering Tassel Mules $148
Scarf Topped Skimmers $148
"Tassel me softly... I'm in love again"

Red Pepper Heels $390

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