Saturday, April 9, 2011

Urban Turban

The trend has been set.  It is now Spring, heading to Summer.  What classic fashion accessory is coming back so fierce? The Turban.  The Huffington Post had a great pictorial of Fashion Week in NYC back in Feb. 2011. 
Here is a peek:

At Notoriety Inc., they posted looks from Prada and John Wu SS2011 and gave us a preview of what was (or IS now) to come:

The look, when done well can be quite elegant.  I certainly like the look but my big ears may hinder its elegance.  But, will try it anyways and get back to you!

A little history...
This look is not for the fainted heart.  It requires confidence and fierce commitment to pull off this accessory.  First popular during the 1940's and 1950's, when women would glamorously wrap their heads with a silky luscious and colorful turban adorned with bows or a jeweled pendant.

Source: Burda Style
In this season, we see updated looks of this classic fashion icon:

Vogue, Jason Wu

Source: Issa, Glamour UK

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Source: Hanneli
 Finally, how do you create this look?  Here are a couple of How To videos on YouTube by ModCloth.

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