Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Trend: The Cambridge Satchels

Do you go to school? How about an office job, are you lugging around mounds of files and a laptop? Or are you just stylish?  No matter... the Cambridge Satchel Co has some great bags for you!  They are such a classic piece of accessory and the nice part? It is Uni-sex, well it all depends on the color you choose.

Just ordered mine in this patent leather, electric blue.  Can't wait for it to arrive. 
 Where did I find this? of course!  It is exclusive to ASOS and the last time I checked, they are low in quantity so hurry and check them out.

This hot pink is siiiiick!  I would rock them, along with my Adidas high tops and shorts.  Perhaps I will start a collection of Cambridge bags.

So far ASOS seems to be a big winner for these awesome bags, at least if you are living in the U.S.  Cambridge's website ships overseas too but their selections are "general", or classing with a modern twist (like their Fluorescent collection).  Check out ASOS often because they get crazy looks that are exclusive to them.

Good luck friends!

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