Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Know: Summer Shorts, Bralettes and Wooden Heels

Levi bralette, Diesel shorts, purse from a boutique in Texas,  and wooden platforms (brand name has faded)

Levi bralette, American Apparel disco shorts, Bebe blazer, and Jeffrey Campbell Lita in denim

Summer is here! Hope all of you been working out during spring so those sexy legs can be seen.  

Hot shorts and sexy tops are the typical staples of summer.  This year, venture out a little and pair your shorts with bralettes.  Venture a little more and get yourself a pair of denim ones.  Levi has this cute halter bralette for about $40.  Urban Outfitters carry the same ones.  There are also lace ones and cotton ones that you can get.

How can you wear these bralettes without looking like you just finished a show at Moulin Rouge? Pair them with a sheer top or light cardigan.  Wear them with high waisted shorts or light summer pants.  The possibilities are endless!

Here are a couple of ideas to help you get a kick start.  These are just a few pieces that I found rummaging through my closet.  Except the Diesel denim shorts... those were purchased today for a steal! And they're super comfy!

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