Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Random: Up!

Source: The Oregonian 
Source: Science Blog
Only in Oregon, and proud of it!

Portland resident and lawyer Randal Acker celebrated on Thursday his win over TriMet (public transportation in Portland) when in 2007 tried to acquire his house under eminent domain.  At that time, TriMet was purchasing up homes similar to Acker that were sitting on land that it was going to use to create a turn-a-round for the streetcar.  Acker, specializing in commercial litigation, refuses to give in and fought against TriMet until it dropped the case in 2008.  

His 1894 Queen Anne Victorian house is the last historical building sitting in the middle of taller glass buildings.  Acker's plight is like that of Up! And what better way to help celebrate his success but to emulate it.  He purchased 400 helium balloons and achored them to his house.  The result: life imitating art... or is it the other way around?


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