Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Look: Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Friday night.  Time to whine down the week with great company and good drinks.  After 40+ hours of office politics, pencil skirts and dressed shirts it was time to put on something fun.  

Kicking off pants #1 from my H&M purchases, started the weekend look with the pants dubbed "Beetlejuice."  Thank you, W + K guy I met at Rotture last night for showing me the picture of Michael Keaton as well.  Like I didn't get the first hint!  Lol.

The T-shirt was recommended by my consulting photographer / stylist @Panda.  Yes, it was a hit.  Got me lots of free drinks at the bar.  Who doesn't like Star Wars anyway? And The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite too!  Most common question was, "Is it vintage?" Um... yeah, I know I'm a Portlander and all but why buy a $35 used T-shirt when I can get a new one for $10. 

 Today's Look: 

H&M Star Wars T-shirt

H&M denim jacket

H&M pants

Joan + David pumps in electric blue

Chanel bag

Grey Goose and flask... from a liquor store near you =).

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